Hi, I'm Holly

This is my Journey...

I personally believe, it is what we experience, not what we study, that gives a practitioner the understanding necessary to be a truly good practitioner.

Growing up wasn’t easy for me, there were many heartaches and tears didn’t wash them away. Raised by a single parent and helping out with four younger siblings motivated me to move out the minute I turned eighteen, only find myself on a path of attracting a string of toxic and damaging relationships in my life and then to find myself in a severely abusive marriage.  After five years of extreme physical, mental, and emotional abuse came a breaking point, then the reality and awakening of how broken I really was.

Then the healing began . . .

I sought counselling with a holistic psychologist, my healing process took ten years. As my journey continued, I started to explore a much deeper level of myself through studying metaphysics, where I delve into classes of self awareness, healing and spirituality. This opened and expanded my innate intuitive and empathic abilities. Through this journey I found myself on a spiritual path to becoming a minister of religious science, but after three years of learning my heart opened up in a different direction.

In 2004, I met my mentor and beautiful friend Jessica Taylor, founder of Millennium Method™ and after just one energy session the memories of pain I had been carrying all of those years had been released.

In that moment my life purpose had become apparent. My journey of healing and learning was really about me getting well and making a difference. . . one person at a time.

I look back on the years I spent suffering with more understanding now. Everything in life “does” happen for a reason and no matter how difficult in life things are, we gain an immeasurable amount of wisdom from the experience. This has helped me to relate from a client’s perspective of how we carry emotional trauma with us. I understand the frustration, rage, and hopelessness of being hurt on many different levels.

I also understand the healing process and exactly what it takes to turn one’s life around and the difference between surviving and thriving.

I have also learned that breaking down is an essential part of waking up and that when we think we're falling apart, we may actually be falling awake.

Today I live my life from a place of awe and excitement as I follow my bliss and desire with that which fulfills, sustains and enriches my being. In my free time I love to be physically active because it keeps my mind and body in balance. I can often be found at the gym, practicing yoga or meditating. I’ve also taken up salsa & bachata dancing for my frequent vacations in Mexico. For personal development I have attended PSI Seminars. I also continue to expand my skills and knowledge in my areas of expertise as my experience has helped me to help others to attain their happiness and work towards their lifestyle goals to live life with optimum health and well being.

I have truly found my place in the world by practicing holistic health care. What I love about holistic healing is that it allows me to connect one on one with my clients, building a relationship that allows them to feel heard without being judged. I love helping people heal the heartaches of their emotional past and pursue an empowered future as nothing makes me happier than when a client tells me that they have experienced amazing results with what I do and it has improved their life, health, and well being.

If you feel there is something I can help you with, get in touch with me today.

I can help you create clarity and a path towards empowerment within mind, body and soul. 

"When the student is ready, the master appears" (Buddhist Proverb)

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