Frequently Asked Questions

What is Energy?

We all have storage centers in our bodies that house Energy and Energy patterns. These centers are called chakras. We can have energy patterns stored from events that happened yesterday as well as from many years ago.

Some of these patterns will be happy memories and others will be unpleasant or painful memories of something that happened to us. Sometimes we bury them away deep into the recesses of our chakras and in our auras (the energy field around us).

We try to forget about painful memories, but they don’t really go away. Dis-ease, Mental and Emotional Trauma are manifestations of unbalanced Energy. Rebalancing energy is a way of quickly activating the healing process.

How is the Energy Shifted?

Millennium Method™ fractals are used to assist in facilitating an energy shift in the client. Each unique card is used as an artificial template with thousands of intrinsic protocols downloaded into the fractal artwork. The cards become an extension of the practitioner's intuition. When pulled the fractals begin to alter the issue that has been identified.

Once the root or core issue(s) are identified the reprogramming is energetically downloaded into the CNS (central nervous system) using the "Atlas" (C1 vertebrae) and any one of the acupuncture points in the body or the Chakras (no needles are used).

By using a method of wave function collapse, the practitioner can remove roots (core issues) and weaknesses affecting a person, animal, situation etc. on any of the seven levels of life: Emotional, Mental, Physical, Psychological, Psychic, Spiritual or Karmic.

What is Quantum Healing?

Quantum healing is the emergence of the quantum field with the mind-body-spirit connection. In quantum physics, all energy is matter and all matter is energy. It is in these realms that we can manipulate all three types of energies: Macro, Micro and Intrinsic (outer, inner and in between). It is where spirituality meets science and gives us the ability to use the mind to affect the body successfully.

How Does It Work?

This technique works by shifting energy at the bio-quantum level, below the muscular and cellular level. It identifies the deeper core issues. Quickly locating and shifting the imbalances/blocks on all of the levels and dimensions, making it possible to release the symptom/issue(s) and return the body to its natural state of balance and flow.

What happens in an Energy Session?

The practitioner will tune into the client’s energy, cards are dealt for the client by the practitioner, then downloaded (thru energy) collapsing the energy wave function, removing any blocks or weaknesses that the client may or may not be aware of, optimizing all functions and balancing the flow of energy in the body.

The time duration of the shift is dependent on how deeply rooted the issue is that is being shifted. Some shifts occur instantly while others may take longer. If the shift has a major component in eliminating the issue, then progressive (continual) shifts will take place after the session has been completed (when sleeping or resting). As this method is new it is likely "unlike" anything you have experienced before. Every session is unique to each individual. Sometimes a person does not feel anything when having an energy session. Other times, they do. Sometimes the shift is felt within the body like part of the body is exhaling and you may feel a bit light headed. Emotional releases are common as the energy shifts and the body is returned to its natural state of flow. Common experiences are feelings of relaxation and feeling neutral to the situation. This method is based on quantum physics, so Shift Happens Quickly!

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